Steel Buildings

Randell Construction believes the benefits of a steel building are numerous.

At all times, we focus on maximizing your value without compromising on design and functionality.

1. The ability to precisely predict the material budget before hand avoids excessive waste and cost. The steel is pre-cut and the sections are bundled and shipped together. This reduces the time required to sort and organize materials on the jobsite prior to erection.

2. Steel remains one of the strongest and longest-lasting building materials available for use. Pre-engineered steel buildings do not expand and contract like typical wood construction which prevents plaster cracks and structural deficiencies. Using a pre-fabricated steel building can offer substantial savings compared to conventional stick frame construction.

3. Steel construction is also eco-friendly as steel is highly recyclable.

4. Ease of future additions with a framing system designed to accommodate those plans.

5. Standing seam roofs do not leak and can withstand extreme wind conditions, look good and last up to 50 years.

The team at Randell Construction is experienced building with steel and will help you from site evaluation to completion of your steel building project. Whether you are a private individual looking to expand your personal assets or a business owner who needs to expand your operation.
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